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Year 5

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 Year 5 

Autumn Term 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back!  We hope that you had a restful and enjoyable summer break.  The children are settling in well and are already working hard! Thank you for your support in ensuring that your child arrives on time, that they are well equipped and ready to learn.
Our topic theme this half term is ‘The language of Poetry’.  This theme will underpin all areas of our learning this term. As we are focussing heavily on poetry, we will be looking at writers who use figurative language to bring their characters and descriptions to life.
The table below outlines how you can support your child at home across all areas of learning.

Subject How you can support your child at home
English Much of our English work will be linked to the book ‘The Princess Blankets’. The children will study a range of fiction, non fiction and traditional stories. We will be writing newspaper reports, letters, diary entries, stories and persuasive brochures.
The study of grammar, punctuation and spelling will be on going throughout the year though our English lessons.
This year we are placing great emphasis on figurative language techniques, such has: expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration.
You can support your child’s understanding of these techniques by asking them to point them out when they are reading to you. 
Please support your child by talking to them about traditional tales. Discover stories from other cultures by watching the BBC Two production of ‘tales from around the world’.
Maths This half-term the children will work through the Year 5 National Curriculum covering, the following areas:
  • Place Value
  • Roman Numerals
  • Negative number
  • Strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Make maths real and fun by showing your children how we use maths in our everyday lives.
You can support your child by having them add up the shopping receipts from your weekly shop, over the course of the month. Support your child in their use of the column method of addition and subtraction.  Encourage them to identify the value of each digit in numbers up to 1,000,000 (one million). The websites below provides a fun interactive game to support this learning.
It is also useful to discuss the place values of numbers you encounter in everyday life to provide real life application for your child’s learning.  
Mental Maths
Please support your child to learn their multiplication facts and the inverse operations. Children in year 5 will need to focus on their 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, 11 and 12 times tables and the corresponding division facts. Children will also need to be able to learn how to mentally recall tier decimal number bonds to make 1. The websites below provides a fun interactive game to support this learning.
  • We will be revisiting all of the four basic mathematical operations and working on effective written and mental strategies.
  • This term the children’s maths targets will all be linked to reasoning and how they articulate their learning, by way of explanations.
(history, geography, science, computing, art, D&T)
This term in Science we are learning about ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’. Please talk to your child about everyday items and encourage them to adopt a scientific approach and to use scientific vocabulary when describing their properties.
Key Vocabulary
-      opaque, transparent, translucent, waterproof, stretchy, rigid, solid, flexible, durable, rough, smooth, conductive, magnetic, manufactured, natural material.
This term the children with start their study on the Anglo-Saxons, exploring the wide spectrum of Anglo-Saxons life and times. The children will take part in a series of educational activities with a cross-curricular approach. Please encourage your child’s curiosity with visits to the library and museums to further explore this topic with you.
PE Please ensure that children bring a full, NAMED PE/swimming kit into school on P.E/swimming days. 
Acacia P.E: Wednesday and Thursday. Acacia Swimming: Tuesday
Sycamore P.E:  Wednesday and Friday. Sycamore Swimming: Monday
Home Learning
This will be sent home on a Thursday to be returned the following Monday.  Please ensure that homework is completed to a high standard of presentation and is given in on time.  Thank you.

Home Learning Support
Please listen to your child read at least 5 times each week and record this on their home learning sheet.  Please discuss their reading with them and encourage them to answer questions about their texts.
Please encourage your child to learn their timetables and division fact each week!
All our work in Year 5 is heavily underpinned by recall of times tables, therefore, it is vital that child learn this, in order to support their progress in maths. 

Please keep in touch with the Year 5 Team, to inform us of anything your child has done out of school, e.g. dance shows, gymnastics awards, etc. We love to hear about our children’s hobbies and achievements outside of school!

Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to an exciting and busy Autumn Term.

Mrs Tenreiro and Mrs Albaidhani

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